TE210A Transmitter

TE210A Transmitter
This Transmitter allows you to send Alpha Numeric Pages:

Full Transmitter Feature List:

  • Pocsag Transmitter
  • User friendly interface
  • 15 Buttons
  • 99 preprogrammed alpha canned messages
  • Backlit super twist LCD screen, 4 Lines, Total 84 Alphanumeric on display
  • Ranges of half mile plus with basic antenna shown
  • RS232 port for serial data and programming
  • Last message
  • Range test
  • Clock setup
  • Desk Type
  • Available to set frequency, capcode, message by external keyboard
  • Fully hand programmable as well as PC programmable
  • Fast travel data entry keypad (PS2 keyboard input option)
  • TAP protocol support
  • Alarm input 7 pins: Dry contact, 0 and 5V low active
  • Can select baud rate, capcode, alpha, tone only, function code, and group code for each number
  • Search pager
  • Alarm message edit. Alarm status check
  • Active Voltage Range: DC 8.4V

Model TE510A(VHF) / TE510A Plus (UHF)
Frequency range TX VHF 147~170 MHz, UHF 430~470MHz
Modulation Type FSK
Channel Spacing 12.5/25KHz
Output Power 1W
Maximum Deviation 2.5KHz

Harmonic Radiation

less - 25dBm
Frequency Stability 2.5 ppm at -10C~60C
Output Connect BNC (F)
Current Consumption Standyby: 120mA; Transmit: 420mA
Dimension 154 (L) x 190 (W) x 64 (H) mm (Without
Antenna and Keyboard)
Weight (with battery) Approximately 390g (Without Antenna and keyboard)
Price: $999.95
* Product colors may vary from those pictured.
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