Motorola LS750 Numeric Pager

Motorola LS750 Numeric Pager
The Motorola LS750 Numeric Pager is Motorola simplicity - it doesn't get any easier! One button is all you need. If you have had problems reading the display on other pagers than this is your next pager, it has the E-Luma-Glow technology for the best possible display.

Full Pager Feature List:

  • 50 message slots
  • E-Luma-Glow soft blue display for superior readability
  • Private Time offers the ability to turn off all pager alerts during pre-selected times
  • 7 selectable alerts or vibrating alert to signal new messages
  • 3 built-in alarm clocks that can alert you one time, daily or weekly

Price: $19.99
* Product colors may vary from those pictured.
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