Motorola Advisor Elite Alpha Numeric Pager (Beeper-in-a-box)

Motorola Advisor Elite Alpha Numeric Pager (Beeper-in-a-box)
The Motorola Advisor Elite Alpha-Numeric Pager is an essential business tool capable of storing personal information services and notebook messages. The 4 line message display makes it easy to read longer text messages.

Full Pager Feature List:

  • Up to 4 line display - zooms in lines for larger view
  • Duplicate message management
  • Locks important messages
  • Notebook entries
  • Selective erase
  • Graphic battery gauge
  • Time of Day and Date
  • Erase all
  • Memory for 34 messages
  • Saves messages when off
  • Built-in alarm clock

Price: $49.99
* Product colors may vary from those pictured.
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