Automated Order Taking

Automated Order Taking
Question and Answer Voice Mail is the latest in Automated Order taking.

We'll program our Automated Order Taking systems to ask your callers questions, one at a time, and record their answers.

Because each caller is lead through the automated ordering process, one question at a time, orders are complete. And since you'll hear each caller as they place their automated orders, you'll know exactly what they want and be able to respond to inconsistent information and catch mistakes before you ship.

Automated Order Taking is a friendly and advanced technology for taking orders, getting customer information and qualifying callers, at an incredibly low cost.

All for only $34. 95 per month.

This special offer includes up to eight questions. Additional questions
can be added for only $5.00 per month each.

New: Messages can be delivered to your e-mail. Play them over your computer. Forward them like any other e-mail messages, and keep them as a permanent record.

Please note the following:
- These fees are reoccurring, and will be charged for every month of service.
- Users must abide by the Service Agreement.

Price: $34.95
* Product colors may vary from those pictured.
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