Apollo VP200 PRO

Apollo VP200 PRO


MODEL: VP-200Pro IP54 &UL Approved

Key specifications/Special features: Speaker /earphone jack
Twelve call per channel / 8 individual and 4 group call
480 seconds memory ( 1  16 stored voice, each for 30 sec)optional function feature
Loud clear alert level
Large volume control knobs with on/off
Function switch: different function switch will be configured to 4 position.
Two channels(optional)
Silent &Priority Scan (Dual Frequency model)
Programmable Narrow Band /Wide Band Channel spacing.

VP200Pro Rich Sophistication: Loud clear alert level: 93dBa at 12 inches distance
Priority alert programmable
Monitor channel function
3 AAA Ni-HM rechargeable battery or 3 AAA alkaline battery
Desk type charger as standard
Fixed alert (no voice) at maximum alert level
Battery low indicate, strong belt chip
Reminder tone with LED flash
6 Status LED

Tone Coding: Two -Tone Sequential
Frequency: VHF UHF
135~174MHz 404~512MHz

Wide Band/Norrow Band WB NB WB NB

Channel Spacing: 25KHz/12.5KHz


Alerting: 4uV/m 4uV/m 3.5uV/m 3.5uV/m

Adjacent channel selectivity: 60dB +/-25KHz 50dB +/-12.5KHz 60dB +/-25KHz 50dB +/-12.5KHz

Spurious Rejection: 60dB below carrier 50dB below carrier

1'st Image Rejection: 60dB below carrier 50dB below carrier

2'nd Image Rejection: 60dB below carrier 60dB below carrier

Frequency Stability: +/-10ppm +/- 3ppm

Audio Output: 90dBa at 30cm (12)

Alert Tone: 93dBa at 30cm (12)

Power Consumption: 9mA (without power save)

Power Supply: One NiMH 3 x 1.2V AAA-size 950mAh rechargeable battery (1.2V)

Battery Lifer:

NiMH About 14 days(7 days without battery saver)

Based on 8hours Day/5 message w/30 sec. Each

Weight (with battery): Approximately 185 g

Dimension: 104(L)x62(W)x30(H)mm



Accommodates: One VP-200Pro and spare battery

Adapter Input/output: AC:100~240Vac,50~60Hz / DC: 8.4V 600mA

Charger current: DCA 400mA

Full Recharge Time: Approximately 2.5 hours

Weight (without battery): Approximately 175g

Size: 104(L)x61.5(W)x39(H)mm
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