Alpha-Numeric Virtual Paging (3 Month)

Alpha-Numeric Virtual Paging (3 Month)
Now you can receive pages on your cellphone without anyone knowing your cellphone number. This is an easy and convenient way to stay in touch with people you do not want to know your cell phone number. You also do not need to carry two devices so your belt is lighter.

There are many advantages to using this method of Virtual Paging. You can also have a pager and cellphone and receive the same message on both devices at no extra charge.

Virtual Pager Feature List:

  • Saving minutes on your cell phone or not being interrupted and feeling obligated to answer a phone call. Check your inbox to see who it is and decide if you want to return the call and when you want to return it.
  • Saving money on toll calls when you can have a different area code other than your cell phone and you can receive pages or messages on a voicemail that saves you or your friends/clients money.
  • Make it look like you have an office in another part of town or another area of the country.
  • Get a toll-free number. Something you cannot get on a cell phone
  • Track different ads for your business or use to sell a car and then change number easily to sell something else.
  • Free up your belt or purse to carry only one wireless device.

Price: $53.85
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